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Jen Nadon-Murray, MACP, BSc
Clinical Director, Registered Psychotherapist, CC-PMH
Clinical Supervisor

As a clinical supervisor, I offer a blend of supportive, didactic, and evaluative training services aimed at helping my supervisees learn, grow, and develop their professional identities.  My training in clinical supervision has allowed me to develop a variety of roles that can adapt to the educational needs and developmental level of my supervisees.  A collaborative process is very important to me, meaning that the beliefs, experiences, methods, and goals of my supervisees are an essential part of my approach to each supervision session and the overall learning journey that we’ll take – together focusing on how we can continuously safeguard and expand the experience for clients. 


As a psychotherapist, I work with clients addressing a variety of mental health concerns, with a special focus on perinatal mental health.  My approach to therapy is based in cognitive behavioural therapy and is always client-directed.  Taking an uniquely tailored approach to each person that emphasizes individual strengths and needs, I aim to empower my clients to overcome their challenges and achieve their full potential.  


My approach to supervision mirrors my philosophy for working with clients.  I focus on building the supervisee’s strengths, while developing the self-reflective skills necessary to collaboratively explore areas for continued improvement.  While ongoing feedback and formal evaluation are always a part of the process, my goal is to create a safe environment where this element of supervision can be collaborative, educational, and growth oriented.   

Individual or Dyadic Supervision

Individual or dyadic supervision sessions are available in-person and through secure video.  These sessions satisfy the CRPO requirements for supervision hours.  Sessions can be offered on an as-needed basis in a consultative role or can be part of an ongoing supervision relationship for professionals entering the field and requiring oversight of their client files.


For more information or to set up a consult to see if we would be a good fit for each other, please get in touch!

Small Group Supervision

Small group supervision sessions are offered over secure video.  These sessions meet the CRPO requirements for group supervision.  While not all hours can be accumulated in a group format, this is a great way to gain additional supervision hours at a lower cost while also benefitting from the peer learning experiences present in a group environment.  This format of supervision would not include oversight of client files for those not yet registered for independent practice.

Contact us for more information about upcoming groups!

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