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Individual Therapy

 Individual therapy is offered in-person, by video, or by phone. Our virtual sessions are easy to get set up and can be conveniently accessed from anywhere. All videos are held on a secure online platform that is designed to protect your privacy.  Our in-person sessions are conducted in our private offices in Carleton Place.


Intake and Assessment

Individual therapy starts with an initial session to go over your current situation, symptoms, history, family, and/or work environment. It’s an opportunity to get to know each other, assess whether it’s a good fit, and establish goals for moving forward. 


Follow Up Sessions

Sessions take place virtually or in-person and consist of talk therapy centred around exploring core issues and building strategies to move toward achieving goals. Each session is tailored to fit the client’s unique therapeutic needs, and therefore, sessions may look different from one client to the next or even one session to the next. Approaches may include a mix of CBT, mindfulness, acceptance & commitment therapy, and more. There is also the option of incorporating creative or art-based approaches into the sessions if both the client and the therapist feel this could be beneficial.

$130 (+HST) per session

 Outdoor and Walk & Talk sessions are available year-round (weather dependent). Research has shown that exercise and being in nature can offer many benefits to our psychological well-being.  


Intake and Assessment

The intake session is completed over in the office, by video, or over the phone to give both parties an opportunity to assess the circumstances and ensure that outdoor sessions would be a valuable and safe option for you. This session proceeds in the same way as a standard intake. At the end, the benefits and risks of outdoor therapy are reviewed and a plan is created to move forward if appropriate.


Follow Up Sessions

 Depending on the individual, outdoor sessions can either take a Walk & Talk format or involve sitting outside in a private location. Walk & Talk sessions are a great way of getting the benefits of exercise, while also participating in the talk therapy elements, such as inner reflection and strategy building. All sessions take place in a quiet section of a nearby nature trail.   Like standard individual sessions, each session is tailored to fit the person's unique therapeutic needs.

$130 (+HST) per session




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Couples Therapy

Whether you're struggling to communicate, feeling disconnected or need support in navigating a difficult separation, couples therapy can offer you the safe space and tools you need to move forward.  It is offered in-person or virtually through secure video.


Intake and Assessment

Couples therapy starts with an initial session with the couple to go over your history together, current issues, and goals for the process. Sometimes, each person is also seen for their own assessment session in order to get a more detailed picture of what is going on for each individual. From there, both people decide if they would like to move forward with couples sessions.


Follow Up Sessions

Sessions can take place in the office or virtually.  If virtual, couples have the option of joining together or from their own devices.  Sessions usually involve exploring core issues, identifying unhelpful cycles and patterns of communication, building connection and trust, and developing strategies to move toward achieving goals. Each session is set up to reflect the needs of the individual couple.

$140 (+HST) per session

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”


- Maya Angelou