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Fitness Equipments

Personal Training Services

My Commitment to You


Regardless of the options you choose below, you will get a customized experience from me as your trainer. 


Every option includes:

A comprehensive assessment of your abilities and challenges

Collaborative goal-setting

A personalized approach and workout plan developed just for you

Expert guidance based on the latest in fitness research

A safe, judgment-free environment

Full support in your health journey


If you need help deciding which option is best for you, please reach out and we’ll figure it out together!


Fit Girl


There are so many physical and mental health benefits to being outside in nature. Why not harness those benefits while doing your workouts? Personal training sessions are offered year-round in several local outdoor spaces.

Fit Woman


What’s more comfortable than exercising at home? This option has the added benefit of getting you used to working out in your own space, making it easier to continue with your program on your own outside of training sessions.


Save money and keep yourself accountable with a fitness membership! Memberships are purchased in 4 week periods, allowing you an opportunity to get into a groove and start seeing results! All memberships include a 30 min weekly nutrition check in so you can tailor your eating to match your fitness goals.


Feeling motivated and want to save even more?


Commit to a 3- or 6-month membership and get an additional discount! Sign up for 3 months and get 15% off! Sign up for 6 months and get 25% off!

Yoga Stretches

1 Session/Week

Make it part of the routine without making it overwhelming. Consistency creates a habit and drives you toward your goals.



Gym Equipments

2 Sessions/Week

 Up your game and make progress faster.  Start feeling better and seeing results in half the time.



Girl Doing Push-Ups

3 Sessions/Week

Race toward your goals at lightning speed. Make fitness a lifestyle and you’re more likely to succeed. 



Flex Bundles

If you’re not ready to commit to regular sessions, you have the option to book a single session or to purchase a bundle of sessions (at a discount) to be used as needed. This gives you flexibility in your training schedule, while still allowing you to access some of the savings!


The 8- and 12-session packages include two 30-min nutrition check ins so that you have everything you need to succeed. Or book a single session to see if it’s for you!

Flex bundle sessions must be used with 4 months.

Exercise Bands

Single Session

Still unsure? Just need a little guidance? Try a single session for specific advice or to find out whether personal training is a good fit for you.



Woman Stretching

8 Sessions

Feeling motivated? Snag this package and take advantage of flexible scheduling to book sessions when you need them.  



Workout Shoes

12 Sessions

Motivated, but really busy? Save on sessions and stay on track with personal training that can be fit into any hectic schedule.



Group Discounts


 Misery loves company, right? Just kidding!  Working out together can be fun! Bring your partner or friend(s) and everyone gets to save!  These group discounts apply to any of the options listed above.


Bring a partner/friend and save 25% each!

A group of 3 saves 35% each!

A group of 4 saves 45% each! 

With so many choices, there's no reason not to go for it!


Contact me today to get started!

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